Corner 2 Corner Crochet: Dreamy Clouds Carseat Baby Blanket

I made a tote bag with this same chart design, and liked it so much I decided to turn it into a blanket!! The light colors and clouds make a perfect pattern for a baby shower gift 🙂

The finished size was about 20″ x 24″. I used a size 5.5 crochet hook and baby velvet yarn for that extra snuggly dreamy feel! ♡ 

I didn’t write up much of a tutorial because I really just followed this graph using corner 2 corner crochet and added a border.. It’s a pretty 🙂 So without further ado here’s the chart! :

29 x 24 chart

When I finished the chart up and tied in my ends, etc. I decided to add this border from Julie at (follow on instagram, pinterest, and facebook!!) And that’s it!! You’re all done with your dreamy clouds carseat baby blanket! ♡

Have fun getting creative and thanks for checking out my post! ♡- I’d love to see your finished makes – tag me on Instagram!

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