How To Crochet A Large Mushroom – Free Pattern For Coaster Or Applique!

This cute toadstool pattern is so simple and quick 🙂 I’m absolutely obsessed with everything mushroom related, so of course I needed to make my own mushroom coasters for my home!

This pattern is great because it’s incredibly versatile. It’s essentially just a big applique, meaning the sky is the limit in whatever you want to do with it!! Here’s some quick ideas:

  • Mushroom garland
  • Add to a homemade card
  • Coasters
  • Use in scrapbooking
  • bookmark
  • Facial washcloths
  • Add to blankets, clothes, hats, etc.

+ More!

I used (size 4) 100% cotton yarn* in the colors beige, red, and white for this project – along with a size 5.5 crochet hook.

*Choosing a 100% cotton yarn isn’t necessary for all projects, but I highly recommend it for things such as coasters or washcloths because it’s machine washable and heat resistant 🙂

The finished applique dimensions are 5.5″ (from the top of the mushroom down to the stem, lengthwise) by 5″ (from L side of the cap of the mushroom to R side) widthwise.


SL ST – slip stitch

HDC – half double crochet

ST – stitch

CH – chain

DC – double crochet

SC – single crochet

TR – Triple / Treble Crochet


CH 3 always counts as 1 DC

each , comma represents 1 stitch

written like this: (ex.) 2 SC means 2 sc in 1 st. written like this: (ex.) HDC + DC also means both worked into 1 st.

Start with your red yarn

R 1: CH 4, DC in 4th ch from hook, 9 DC into the center (10 total) SL ST

R 2: CH 3 + DC in same st as ch 3, 2 DC in next st and in each st around (20 total) SL ST

R 3: CH 3, DC in the next st, and 2 DC in the 3rd st. Continue 1 DC in 2 st and 2 DC in the next (30 total) SL ST

R 4: CH 1 and SC in next 2 st. 2HDC in 3rd st, HDC + DC in 4th…, (pattern will continue like this with a comma , separating each stitch. a + indicates those 2 will be worked into the same stitch) DC + TR, DC + HDC, 2 HDC, SC, SC, SL ST in the next 3 sts, SC, SC, 2 HDC, HDC + DC, TR + DC, DC + HDC, 2 HDC, SC, SC, SL ST in the next 3 sts, SC, 3 HDC, SC, SL ST in the next 3 sts. (33 sts + 9 sl sts – 42 total)

R 5: CH 1 and SC in next 3 st, 2 SC, HDC, 2 HDC, HDC + DC, HDC + DC, DC, DC + HDC, HDC, 2 SC, SC in next 3 sts and SL ST to end, leaving a tail to sew in.

<– This is how mine looks at this stage (just before tucking in the tail)

The Stem:

where I attached my beige yarn for the stem ^

Attach beige yarn in the 7th st from the L corner of cap

R 1 – 5: CH 2, HDC in the next 6 sts across

you can either cut now, or SL ST to the top of the stem to cut (leave a tail to sew in)

finished stem! (just before tucking the tail)



Smaller spots: *CH 2, 6 SC in 2nd ch from hook*, cut off, leaving a long tail to sew onto the mushroom applique.

Larger spots: Repeat from * to * in smaller spot pattern above … CH 1 and 2 SC in each st, for a total of 12 SC; SL ST and cut off, leaving a long tail to sew onto the mushroom applique.

That’s it!! These are so fun and the ideas you could come up with to put these appliques to use are endless!

Have fun getting creative and thanks for checking out my post! ♡- I’d love to see your finished makes – tag me on Instagram!

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