How To Create An Enchanting Terrarium (Affordable and Easy!)

So… I have a confession: I absolutely ADORE plants, but I kill every single succulent I bring into my home. From pothos to aloe to fresh herbs – I tried it all and failed. Miserably.

Eventually, I just gave up and started buying fake plants.

Although I love the idea of live plants strung up all around my home, fakes can be useful alternatives for so many reasons! They’re perfect if you have allergies, are worried about bugs, or have pets that love to chew on leaves.

They’re completely impossible to kill, and they’re available year-round at budget-friendly prices.

The terrarium structure is pretty basic: all you need to get started is a container, substrate, and plants or decorations. I always think you should look for little trinkets and beads you already might own – or even go for a walk to find some rocks / sticks etc. to incorporate in your project before spending tons at big stores.

Thrift shops are another good way to find small odds and ends for low prices 🙂

These are the specific items and decorations I used; most of the things are from Dollar Tree and the rest I already had on hand (making it super budget-friendly!) Again, I urge you to get creative and replace these items with whatever you like or already have to create your own magical little world!

I started my terrarium by painting the lid of my ornament ball with gold acrylic paint; this isn’t completely necessary but I thought it gave a nice effect on the finished product 🙂

I hot glued my rocks and moss into the inside of the lid and played with layouts for my decorations. Be careful not to burn yourself!!!

I actually took 2 butterfly cut-outs of the same type and glued them together (back sides facing together so both front sides are visible) before folding it so the butterfly would have a back and a front instead of being totally white on the inner wings.

When I decided how I wanted everything to look, I glued down my trinkets up against the rocks and moss and screwed the ball chamber on top. I glued it to the stand and :

That’s it!! I told you it’s an easy project! Have fun getting creative and thanks for checking out my post! ♡- I’d love to see your finished makes – tag me on Instagram!

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