Cheerful Bear Storage Bin – How To Make A Basket From A Granny Square

In my apartment, it’s impossible to take 2 steps without stepping on a cat toy. Seriously.

y’know.. These Horrible little things???


I can’t even count how many little plastic balls I’ve felt crack under my foot in the middle of the night..

Obviously, I was in dire need of a storage bin. But did I really want to buy another cheap little plastic basket – or worse – spend way too much on a designer bin???

I asked myself the obvious question: why not just make it myself for free??

In only a couple of hours.. an adorable bear storage bin is born, and I’m no longer tripping over stuffed mice!

Besides cleaning up toys, it doubles as a really cute pattern for a nursery room accessory or baby shower basket – really any occasion you want!

The pattern I wrote is easy and only uses 3 basic stitches: double crochet (for the granny square base), half double crochet for the walls, and triple crochet for the ears.

I chose a granny square style base because of the ease and speed, but if don’t want your base to have the small holes at the bottom you could work up a 8″ x 8″ square in rows of whatever stitch you’d like for the base instead 🙂 *

The size is based on the quantity of yarn I had on hand, but the pattern is fully customizable to whatever size you’d like your finished product to be 🙂 Just start with a larger / smaller base. *

*Note: Disregard stitch count if you do this – your stitch count may not be the same as mine listed at the end of each row.

This was a scrap yarn project for me, so I did my base in pink and white (doubled up because they were each too thin) to leave enough brown for the walls.

I started with a granny square that had 6 clusters of 3DC on each side (stating this beforehand because row 1 of the pattern starts on the sides of the granny square, building up the wall).

Pattern written in US terms

sl st – slip stitch

st – stitch

ch – chain

hdc – half double crochet

sk – skip

tr – triple crochet

Yarn Weight: Medium (4)

Hook Size: 5.50

R 1: CH. 2 and HDC around (1 in each st and 3 HDC in each corner) for 84 HDC total. SL ST

R 2: CH. 2 and HDC around (1 in each st) for 84 HDC total. SL ST

R 3 – 15: Repeat R 2

Ears: SL ST to the beginning of a new side (the corner) SK 3 st and 9 TR in 4th st from your hook. SK 3 st. SL ST in the next 8 sts*. SK 3 st and 9 TR in 4th st from your hook. SK 3 st and SL ST 3 st.

*If your project is larger / smaller than mine SL ST until there’s 7 sts left on the side you’re working on, then proceed with SK 3 st.

Cut and weave in your ends. I also embroidered eyes and a nose on with black yarn and a yarn needle 🙂

And that’s it!! I told you it’s an easy pattern! Have fun tidying up your home with this un-BEAR-ably cute bin 😉 and thanks for checking out my post! ♡- I’d love to see your finished makes – tag me on Instagram!

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